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Welcome to Through the Valley Therapy's resource page! Just like a solo hiker navigating the trails, you're on a personal journey to mental well-being and holistic health. Before you explore my recommended resources, here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Your Personal Path: Your mental health journey is as unique as a hiking trail. What works for one person may not work for another. These resources are here to guide you but remember to trust your instincts and seek professional guidance when needed. 2. Continual Exploration: Much like hiking, the world of mental health, science, and well-being is constantly changing. Stay curious and open to new discoveries along your path and remember that God never changes. 

3. No Personal Endorsements: Through the Valley Therapy does not personally endorse any specific product, book, podcast, or supplement company. My recommendations are based on general information, things that have inspired and helped me on my own trail, and should be considered thoughtfully. 4. Personal Responsibility: By utilizing these resources, you take ownership of your choices and actions on your mental health journey. You and God are the sole navigators of your path. 5. Safety First: Just as you'd prepare for a hike with the right gear, consult with a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your well-being practices. Some supplements or practices may have interactions or side effects. 6. Your Mountaintop: Remember, the goal is reaching your personal mountaintop of well-being. Enjoy the adventure of exploration, but always prioritize your health and safety. As you walk this path, remember that you're not alone. Through the Valley Therapy is here to support you on your solo journey to your mental health mountaintop. 

With warmth and encouragement, Diana



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Have a Listen!

I've had the pleasure of being featured on these wonderful and insightful podcast episodes. Browse through a few of my favorites and give them a listen!

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An episode about challenges in private practice after trauma

The Practice of Therapy Podcast

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An episode about a BIPOC therapist in Private Practice

Wise Practice Podcast

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