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Counselor Interns in Florida

for Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns

Hey there, future Florida therapist! I’m here to be your personal cheerleader, mentor, and guide on this incredible journey toward becoming an exceptional practitioner. Let’s embark on this counseling adventure together and create a transformative impact in people’s lives!

Clinical Experience


In 2004 Diana's year-long practicum from NSU gave her the opportunity to serve at Cross Creek School which is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic K-12 Broward County Public School where students had to be under psychiatric care to attend.

In this experience, she was the only intern with 8 licensed professionals, a psychiatrist, and 2 psychiatric nurses.

This is where she began to see that many students who were labeled and disabled needed a different approach than just managing symptoms or focusing on meds and behavior.

She began to research alternative approaches to mental health at this time. 

In all these settings the range of diagnosis varied and the focus was primarily on crisis intervention, teacher training,  family counseling, and/or court-ordered therapy. ​

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Areas of Interest

Through the Valley Therapy offers individual psychoeducational counseling with a unique perspective on anxiety, depression, and other DSM diagnoses. Recognizing that these are symptoms rather than just labels, the therapist believes that childhood trauma, high ACE scores, poor nutrition, and a lack of spiritual, physical, and mental health knowledge contribute more to these symptoms than society realizes.


In therapy sessions, various techniques are utilized, including but not limited to Biblical wisdom, art, poetry, music, breathwork, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), neuroplasticity, psychoeducation, limbic retraining, trauma-informed integrative wellness approaches, and more. The therapist applies a holistic approach to address the underlying causes and empower individuals with knowledge and tools for healing and growth.


Prior to setting up our introductory video appointment, I will need:

Your Resume

One Reference from a Professor

Ideally, one who supervised you during your practicum or internship, who can attest to your counseling skills. 

One Reference from your Employer

Preferably the agency supervisor at your practicum or internship site who can attest to your professionalism.

If we decide to move forward, you will need to:

Be a Registered Intern with the State of Florida.

Or be in the process of registering (Must be registered prior to seeing clients)

Carry Professional Liability Insurance + Provide a Copy

Investment will be $75 per hour or $50 per group

If you agree to the above and want to schedule a video introductory session to see if we are a good match, please submit the application form below:

Thank you for your inquiry. I'll be in touch!

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